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SVG Tools

There are a number of graphics editors out there that export to SVG (such as Adobe Illustrator), or are designed specifically with SVG in mind (such as Jasc WebDraw). But I'm not an artist, I'm a programmer. What tools do I use?

SVG Projects

I've been playing with SVG for over two and a half years now. This is the first graphics language I've really gotten into up to my elbows, and it's been a lot of fun, as well as a great learning experience. The range of SVG's usefulness has gone beyond my expectations; when I started it, I just intended to learn enough to make my online comic (see below), but along the way I designed a charting package for my workplace and saw even more potential in other tasks. Since then, I have started using SVG and EcmaScript as my primary platform for development. The advantage of making text-based Web applications, with at least a move toward platform independence, is extremely compelling.

I've been a fairly active participant in the SVG-Developers mailing list, and have learned much of what I know there; it is one of the most friendly, helpful, on-topic lists I've ever known.

Personal Projects and Experiments

I don't put most of my stuff on the Web, for the most part because a lot of what I do is simple experimentation, and refining it to the point where I feel it's fit for public consumption would double the amount of work involved; organizing and documenting it enough to put on a page would cost even more effort. I also have several projects that I intend to sell, so I can't really post them. But I will try to note here several things that I think are interesting enough to bother with:

Group Projects

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