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Technical Links

Here's a miscellany of links for some of my favorite (or at least current) coding hobbies.

SVG Links

SVG Reference

  • SVG-Wiki :: Pretty much the first place to look for SVG newbies, this is a cooperative venture started by Niklas Gustavsson, comprising the wit and wisdom of the SVG-Developers List, with explanations, examples, and links to SVG development.
  • Kevin Lindsey's KevLinDev :: The personal site of Kevin Lindsey, a prolific and talented SVG programmer, with numerous tutorials and script libraries
  • SVG PHP et MySQL :: Pilat's SVG Site (especially the database); also mirrored in French.


CSS Reference

  • Little Boxes :: CSS Templates and experiments
  • BlueRobot :: More CSS Templates and experiments
  • Glish :: Still More CSS Templates and experiments
  • NCDesign :: A handy little online reference to almost all of the tags in HTML and CSS.

C# Links

CSS Reference

  • .Net Platform SDK :: Microsoft's free CLI-based compiler and CLR/CLI (runtime environment, like Java's JVM). Is that enough acronyms for you?
  • TextPad/C# Howto :: Instructions on how to rig up TextPad to interface with the MS' free .Net Framework, giving you a functional GUI. I use this on my laptop, and it works well for simple stuff.
  • #develop :: An Open Source visual IDE, good for handling those jobs that demand more that a text interface.
  • GotDotNet :: A portal for .Net development.
  • The Mono Project :: A project to create an Open Source .NET CLR and compiler for *nix platforms.

Miscellaneous Links

  • Experts-Exchange :: An excellent forum for finding answers to tricky problems, from coding to OS woes.

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